Thursday, December 13, 2007

Me, you, AgWeb and the future...

I scanned through the comments left on the AgWeb feed to my blog, and I could not help but notice that a few of you are using JWorld to vent frustration at our site.

First off: good on ya mate. Try to keep it printable, and if this is the page you normally surf to, it's fine by me.

However, that page is a pain for me as well, because I have no good way to know when you've commented. Today is the first day in a long time I've slowly opened every post for comments. I have not been ignoring you, but just didn't now you were pinging.

Please comment here. I usually reply when appropriate within hours (lots o' time with my new Macs). I try not to bug the guys at AgWeb, so I can't tell when and how everything will be squared away there, but I do know we're throwing resources at it. We're certainly not happy either.

I will be scanning backwards some to re-post some goodies from the past, and update/rethink opinions that seemed so clear just months ago, so prepare to see [JWorld Rerun] in the title every now and then.

I'm also widening my input network to find fresh perspectives on agriculture and the rest of the world we live in, so look for new "via" attributions. I'll try to get the linklist (lower right sidebar) up to date for you to find them easier to scan them yourself.

Finally, I have stopped adding the [Return to AgWeb] link at the bottom of every post. I couldn't find a way to automate it, and it was a helper few of you need.

As most of you know, winter tends to be my most prolific posting time, so check back often during the day, and especially on weekends. I think I've found a way to tease posts out every couple of hours or so to run the ol' page count up, and keep you checking back while you're working at your number one farm implement: your computer.

Thanks for reading, for suggesting links, sharing opinions and setting me straight. I am especially impressed with the civility and depth of many of the comments.

And the avoidance of puns.

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Anonymous said...

John last year for xmas, I gave my wife what she said was a "very thoughful" gift.

I didn't mention to her that I got the idea straight from a post you had made about Xmas gift hints for the wife.

You had explained that a cashmere sweater for a woman was like a cotton flannel shirt. That resonated with me, so I ordered straight away a sweater from the link you provided.

I was hoping you maybe you would be posting some more hints this year? Im deperate for more thoughtful ideas! :>)