Thursday, December 20, 2007

If only the White House would give us a sign, some hint...

Acting Secretary Connor speaks about the possibility of a farm bill veto at the Press Club.
Again to be clear, because some people are in the habit of perhaps parsing words and looking for an opening in every one of these words: to be clear that without fundamental change, the President's senior advisors, of which I am one, will strongly recommend that he veto the farm bill. Now, only the President makes that final call. He will be the one to decide ultimately what to do on this package. But please do not make the mistake of misunderstanding -- of not hearing the very, very clear message coming from me, coming from every one of the President's senior advisors, -- that this if this farm bill looks anything like what we've seen coming out of the House and the Senate -- the very strong recommendation to the President of the United States is to simply veto, go back and do it again and send us another bill. [More]

I'm sensing a subtle subtext here.

This is starting to feel like a Mel Brooks movie now.

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