Sunday, December 30, 2007

With my apologies...

Several requests came in after our Christmas show on US Farm Report for more information on the song lyrics I read at the close of the show. The trouble is, like many of you, I still haven't learned all the changes on the new AgWeb and I had no idea people were commenting there.

So while it's too late for your Christmas services here are the lyrics to "Bring Us Peace", a SATB (or 2 part) anthem by Craig Courtney with words by Pamela Martin. The music is about level 3-4 with optional treble (children) choir or solo. You can purchase the music here (catalog number 10032590) and listen to it here (Real Audio).

Bring peace to each person and peace to each heart,
Bring peace to the loved ones from whom we're apart.
Bring peace to each home and to husband and wife,
Bring peace to the families living in strife.

Prince of peace, Child of peace, Dona nobis pacem
Fill us with your true gift of love for one another.
Prince of peace, child of peace, bring us peace we pray.

Bring peace between neighbors who live side by side,
Bring peace to city, each village and tribe.
Bring peace between nations, peace near and afar,
Bring peace that will blossom wherever we are.


Peace for each morning, each step of the way,
Peace that remains at the end of the day.
Help us to see that for peace to begin,
First we must find that true peace from within.


Prince of peace, Child of peace, bring us peace today.

Again, I'm sorry I did not see your requests. I'll be checking the comments daily from now on.

You know, re-reading this, it works for me as a New Year's prayer as well.

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