Monday, December 03, 2007

How different is this?...

You think the price of corn is going to change our world? Or the upcoming elections?


But I can bet you this will.
Somewhere on the planet today someone will skip over pages of fine print they will later regret not reading - and thumb their nose at the risk of a phone exploding - in order to sign a mobile services contract that will bring the worldwide number of such accounts to 3.3 billion, a figure roughly equal to half the Earth's population. [More]
As we allow people to reach out to others, even in the most isolated areas, amazing things happen. By leapfrogging landlines, developing countries could actually gain a technological advantage by having lower sunk costs and restrictive "traditional" technology.

Like hooking up billions of transistors to enable prodigious feats of computation, linking the minds of ambitious have-nots will reshape our globe, IMHO.

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