Friday, December 07, 2007

Further progress from the computer front...

Been on the road speaking to farm groups (more later) and couldn't log on in my hotel for some reason. I'll try to do some catch-up posting today. Here is where we are now on our computer conversion.
  • I have not been blown away by "ease of use". Old habits die hard in old brains.
  • We have our printer now networked via USB to an Airport Extreme which also connects to our satellite modem. The two computers settled into the network instantly and we now access the printer perfectly.
  • The USB ports are on the back of the iMac. I have a short USB extension cord to make it easier to hook up flash drives and read my camera card. They could have put a a few ports on the sides it seems to me.
  • I love the keyboard (wired). Jan likes the size and looks of the tiny wireless one, but since I am a two-fingered typist the stylish layout works great. Touch typists may be less enthusiastic about the key layout, spacing (wide) and un-curved tops. She also misses the number pad when entering the checks.
  • I don't think I'm going to make the switch to iWork. Jan is trying Keynote, since she hadn't learned PowerPoint yet. But I'm going to stick with Excel and Word.
  • Added an Airport Express to pipe iTunes to the kitchen stereo. Setup went flawlessly. We're going to add a few more. The stereo cables are over-priced at $40. I'm looking for a cheaper source.
  • I remember to use the "Command" key instead of the Control key about 50% of the time now when cutting and pasting.
Thanks for all the great e-mailed comments. Remember you can post them so other can read them in the comments section.
I just read your blog on moving to Mac. Stick with it. I teach and I was the Windows queen of our school. Four years ago my son went to work for Apple and considering the substantial family discount available, I felt I owed it to him to at least try Mac. It took me months, but I did become not only a convert, but also a missionary. And don't worry, the coolness is acquired, slowly, over time.


ps. on the desktop labels, try clicking at least 3 times until you get a pink or light blue box; then you can type your label.

Thanks, Willie - I'm amazed I didn't try that. Since I couldn't find a "rename" option I stopped cold.

The verdict so far: a happy camper now that I've found and tested all my most precious files. Migrating to a new computer is always a harrowing adventure for me.

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